Thawing Frozen Pipes Lines and Culverts

In Alaska Culverts Can Freeze And Overflow

Commercial and Residential Steam Thawing Services

  • Frozen Septic Lines
  • Inside Drains
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Frozen Culverts
  • Ice Dams on Roofs
  • Ground Thawing
Alaska cold is notorious for causing frozen pipes, sewer lines, drains, and even inside pipes and lines. We offer stream thawing service to help our customers with thawing frozen lines, pipes, sewer lines, and culverts.

Thawing Frozen Lines, Pipes, Culverts, and Septic Lines

Frozen-Culvert-Thawing-by-Alpine-SepticIs a frozen culvert causing your yard to flood or worse? Alpine Septic Pumping steam thawing van can thaw pipes, lines, or culverts and get water flowing again. Our steam equipment is also great for frozen septic lines, ground lines, septic tanks, drain lines, etc. If steam can thaw it we can do it.

Do you have a frozen septic or sewer line? Our professionals can help and most times we we can quickly determine if it’s a frozen line clogged drain causing the issue.

We get calls all the time from people thinking they have a clog and it’s really a pipe or line that has frozen, or the other way around. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell which one it is but our crew is trained to find out.

We have state of the art video inspection snakes that can quickly diagnose the real cause of the block or clog and we can get you you fixed up fast.

(We are unable to do steam thawing on copper tubing, so if you have a frozen water line, we can give you a referral for that type of thawing services)