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Commercial and Residential Septic Tank Pumping

Alpine Septic Pumping LLC is the premier septic tank pumping service in the Mat-Su Valley. We have been pumping, installing, and servicing septic tanks and systems since 1985.

In addition to septic tank cleaning, we provide a variety of other services to the Wasilla, Palmer, and greater Mat-Su Valley area. We are a family owned local business and we take pride in providing our customers with fast, friendly, professional service.

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Drain Cleaning Service

Clogged drain lines, septic lines, or residential toilet or sink lines are very common. We offer professional drain cleaning service using safe and effective methods to clear clogged drains and blockages in main lines and pipes.


Video Pipe & Sewer Inspection Camera

We have state of the art sewer inspection cameras that can perform an internal inspection of your sewer or septic tank. We can do pre-buy inspections or troubleshoot existing systems to find the causes of problems before expensive excavation occurs.


Steam Thawing

In Alaska sewer lines, main lines, and culverts  can become frozen and require steam thawing to restore service. Frozen lines can overflow and cause major damage to property.


High Pressure Water Jet Drain Snake

Our water jet drain snake is very helpful to clear tough clogs in drains and lines. A high pressure water jet can clear tough clogs like grease more effectively that other methods and can also clean internal septic tank baffles which can become clogged and stop working properly.


Driveway Sanding

Alpine trucks are rigged for driveway sanding because we often need to sand the driveways where septic pumping service is required. Because of this we offer driveway sanding to the Wasilla and Palmer area.


Septic Tank Installation

We have over 15 years experience in designing and installing septic systems in the Mat-Su Valley. Our team of excavators and installers can handle your septic repair or installation.


We Sell Bio-Clean Products

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Prompt, Professional Service

Locally Owned Family Business Providing Professional Service

Our customer can save time, money and the environment by proper septic maintenance. We focus on educating our customers about septic services through this web page, informational brochures, face-to-face meetings, seminars, telephone and internet inquiries and through the various organizations we belong to and events we sponsor.

We have served the community by various donations throughout the years and are especially proud of our Miles for Cans program which is further described under the Specials & Discounts tab. This company has greatly expanded our list of services such as mainline and small drain cleaning, video camera inspections, hydrojetting and steam thawing.