Our Partners – Northern Dirt Works Excavation Contractors for Wasilla & Palmer




Northern Dirt Works Excavating On a Cold Alaskan Morning.



Excavation Services

  • Residential & Commercial Excavating
  • Emergency Excavation
  • Septic Installation & Repairs
  • Leach Fields
  • Lift Stations
  • Septic & Sewer Lines 
  • Well & Water Lines
  • Line Insulating
  • Culverts
  • Material Hauling
  • Land Clearing
  • Driveways
  • Runways
  • House Site Excavation
  • House Packages
  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • Winter Weather Digging
  • Full Service Excavation

Excavation Contractors for Wasilla and Palmer Alaska

Northern Dirt Works has been meeting the excavation needs of home and business owners in the Valley for years. They are expert excavators in septic installation and repair, water lines, land clearing, driveways, foundation excavation, and complete home site preparations.

Mike Rolston, who is also the owner of Alpine Septic, has years of experience as a heavy equipment operator doing excavation. He thoroughly understands the septic business and knows dirt and how to move it effectively, efficiently, and economically.

Crews operate year-round, so no need to wait until spring. They take care of emergencies like pipe bursts, septic leaks, and failing leach fields even in the cold Alaskan winters.

Just give Mike a call at (907)354-2552 or send him a text with your name, address, and what you need done. He’ll get back to you when he gets off the digger.

Please note: Alpine Septic and Northern Dirt Works are different companies. Alpine Septic can not quote you a new system and does not have a copy of the excavation schedule. If you need to pay with a card for your Norther Dirt Works invoice, Alpine Septic can help with that! Give us a call: (907)373-2120