Alpine Septic, LLC.

Serving Wasilla, Big Lake, Palmer, and Houston since 1996



Under New Ownership

Mike bought Alpine because he was one of our customers. As an excavator, he always has tricky, time-sensitive, or last minute septic jobs that he needs done. Alpine was the company that never failed to make it work. Now, he runs Alpine Septic in one-half of his shop and Northern Dirt Works out the other.

If it isn’t Broke, Don’t Fix it.  

With the acquisition of Alpine, all of the staff stayed on. Instead of muddling the process, Mike put the senior driver from old Alpine, Larry Chambers, as head of day-to-day operations. With more than ten years of experience in the septic business, Larry is the perfect man for the job. Mike took what was already there and gave the employees the freedom to do what they do best without “corporate” interference (other than some last minute excavating calls, of course). Since then, Alpine has gone to do the best it has ever done with no signs of slowing down.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of four drivers, two drain cleaners, two office staff, and Larry at the helm. We have a fleet of eight trucks operating out of our brand new office located in the middle of the Mat-Su Valley. We serve over a ten-thousand residential and commercial customers all year long.

It is our pleasure to extend the same courtesy we do to the owner to our customers: getting the job done.