High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning Service

High Pressure Drain Cleaning with Water Jet

Commercial and Residential High Pressure Drain Cleaning

  • Main Lines
  • Inside Drains
  • Pipes
  • Outdoor Piping
  • Sewer Lines
  • Grease Traps
Restaurants and deli’s that have high levels of grease going down the drains are very susceptible to clogged drains. These clogs are often tough to remove without high pressure cleaning with the use of the water jet. Often times, water jetting is the only way to clear some clogs.

Restaurants Delis and Commercial Sites

Businesses that have commercial kitchens and delis oftentimes have high volumes of food and grease going down the drains. As hard as they try to avoid it, this often causes blockages in drains and mainlines. These clogs can be especially stubborn to remove. When normal drain cleaning methods are used, the drains will often seem as though they are clear, only to slow and clog again a short time later.

This is where our high pressure water jetting system shines. It uses water under high pressure for clearing nasty hair, grease, and animal fat clogs. It’s made for these types of challenges and sometimes it’s the only way to completely remove grease and other stubborn clogs from drains.

Water Jet Septic Tank Cleaning

Our water jetting system is also very useful when it comes to clearing clogged baffles and performing septic tank cleaning. When baffles become clogged the tank stops working properly and over time will cause the system to completely fail. When identified early enough, usually by the use of our video inspection camera, we can run our high pressure water jet through the system and remove harmful blockages and clean tank baffles. Combined with pumping, this give s you a thorough septic tank cleaning.