Sewer Inspection Camera


State Of The Art Video Inspection Camera Rig

Commercial and Residential Sewer Inspection

  • Main Lines
  • Small Drains
  • Culverts
  • Outdoor Piping
  • Septic Systems
  • Sewer Systems
  • Pre-Buy Inspections
If you are buying real estate that has a septic system, we can perform a pre-buy Sewer Line video inspection to assure you of the condition of the septic system main line.

State-of-the-Art Video Camera

Alpine Septic Pumping – Drain Cleaning Division has modern video inspection equipment needed to do a thorough inspection of septic drain pipes or sewer. Video inspection can help determine the condition of your pipes, if septic tank baffle is impacted, or if repairs need to be done to to the septic or sewer to prevent further backup problems.

The inspection is accomplished by placing a video snake camera into a drain clean-out or other access point, as the camera advances a recording is made that can be reviewed to check for problems in the line.


Pipe Location With The Sewer Inspection Camera

Alpine Septic has all the equipment and expertise to locate underground non-electrical pipes using a special function of the in-line video camera. Alpine can plot position and depth of pipes with access large enough for the snake camera to fit into. An inspection  of your pipes and drains before excavation can save you thousands by pinpointing the exact location before you dig. Call us today to make an appointment to have our crew visit your location for a sewer line or pipe inspection.